Let Us Work For You

We don't need any R&D commitment to get started. No snippet to add, no SDK to integrate. Literally zero development time on your part. Our process is built to empower you, not slow you down

Step 1

Enjoy a personalized demo featuring your own product! Let your imagination soar to the potential of talking to your consumers at home.

Step 2

Handhold your consumers during unboxing, setup and first use on a product of your choice. Witness the power of proactive consumer experience management.

Step 3

Set a new standard for consumer engagement for all your products. Enjoy first of it's kind consumer experience and also analytics while you talk and listen to your consumers every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

We are super busy. What do you need from us?

Nothing at all, until you ask for it. Our guides can work their magic completely independent from your infrastructure to create that consumer experience that you've been dreaming about. As we progress we can integrate with all your systems - CRM, shop, etc. but that is not a prerequisite to working together for your consumers. 

Can you integrate with my CRM or online store?

Yes, our platform is super flexible and we are very comfortable integrating with your systems to provide a seamless experience for your consumers and support teams. The entire consumer life cycle can be readily facilitated through the voice guide, including purchasing and support escalation. You name it - we can integrate to it. 

Are you limited to setup and first use?

We believe that proactive consumer management is a holistic practice, and therefore our platform supports the entire consumer life cycle, through every day usage and inspiration, maintenance and support, and right up to when it's time to upgrade. Your consumer deserves the best, and you deserve to be there every step of the way for them.

Will you be saving us money or making us money?

Both! Proactively handholding your consumers means their enrollment, setup and first use issues are intuitively answered at home, preventing support calls and saving you money. However, it also makes you money in two ways: integration with your store allows for friction-free replenishing and accessory purchase, and enjoying a fun, supportive environment during usage boosts up adoption and it's related revenue streams. We didn't even mention brand loyalty, retention and differentiation, but you get it.

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